Sage Snider 

“…A lone fiddler standing out on a stage and attempting to entertain a crowd with nothing more than his fiddle and his skill…”  –Charles K. Wolfe

In A Good-Natured Riot: The Birth of the Grand Ole Opry, historian Charles K. Wolfe calls this image of a 19th-century display fiddler, “a potent symbol for all that the Opry stood for.” When I perform as a “lone fiddler,” I get as much as I can out of myself and my musical materials. Admittedly, my performances use more than acoustic fiddle: I feature pedalboard, looper, tap shoes, 5 string electric violin, mandolin, and my voice! I also range a vaster American songbook–from folk, bluegrass, and country covers and originals to traditional fiddle tunes. 

Nevertheless, I’m always searching for new ways of using my humble but infinitely versatile musical materials to inspire, touch, surprise, challenge, and entertain contemporary audiences. Check out my EPK and interview with the Brown Folk Festival.



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