For 3 years during college, I was lucky enough to work for the Ancient Department at the Yale University Art Gallery. During my last year, I was chosen for the Goodyear Fellowship, which allowed me to the spend the year researching and developing programming on ancient music.

My research into ancient Greek music specifically inspired both a new YUAG educational program and my thesis! I designed the educational program to use images of ancient Greek musicians and musical contexts to teach middle-high school students about ancient Greek culture and the social importance of music. In my thesis, I explored the function of “aulos” music and imagery at the Greek symposium.


Aulos player and “possessed” symposiast from my thesis

You can learn more about my work as the Goodyear Intern OR read my thesis OR listen to a 10-minute Dionysian Possession Podcast, for which I used my Yale thesis to interpret the RISD Museum’s “eye-cups” (photos below).

RISD Museum's Ancient Greek Vasesdeb3654deb3673






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