It’s About U.S.

The 2016 election made me (and many others) increasingly aware of how many Americans feel like strangers—even enemies—with those who express different political ideas. But I don’t believe we’re as far apart as we seem. Moreover, I believe that if we better understood our differences, they might not so easily fuel hatred and contempt.

Therefore, for the rest of this year, I’ll be doing a project I’m calling “It’s About U.S.” I’ll periodically post articles, ideas, videos, songs, and more (of my own and others) on improving how we talk to each other. I’ll end in December by performing a brief fundraising tour along the East coast with my fiddles, tap shoes, and looper.

Please click on a post below to follow along, and if you feel inspired, make a donation to Better Angels here.

The Show

The Full and Final Better Angels Benefit Tour Show

Civility Tennessee

Support for The Tennessean’s “On Civility” series by David Plazas