Violin Teaching and Academic Tutoring

Violin Lessons

I offer private classical violin and fiddle instruction to students of all ages (ranging from 3-adult). I meet with most of my students every week, either at my home or at their residence. 

While I teach classical technique, my background, current work, and teaching philosophy make my lessons different than those of a suzuki instructor, orchestral violinist, or bluegrass fiddler. I was trained in classical violin, but found my musical world blown open after discovering I could use it to learn rock, bluegrass, blues, old-time, and more. Therefore, my lessons emphasize building foundational techniques necessary to giving my student choices along their artistic path, and also cultivating skills in listening, creativity, and artistic awareness.

1. Listening: While I can teach from sheet music if requested, I will always integrate learning through imitation into lessons. To train students’ ears and brains as well as their fingers, I will use call and response, intervals, intonation, and rhythm exercises involving singing, clapping, and dancing.

2. Creativity: We will practice the art of improvisation and innovation, learning how to communicate original thoughts and sounds within existing musical structures (e.g., within a fiddle tune), technical constraints (e.g., on an acoustic violin), and social contexts (e.g., jamming). I will encourage students to push boundaries while respecting traditions and limitations and to express themselves intentionally and intelligently through sound.

3. Artistic Awareness: I will expose the student to the enormous versatility of their instrument and variety of contexts and cultures in which it can be used. Using youtube, demonstrations, song studies, and discussions, the student will learn about the historic and contemporary musical scene they are entering.

You can read more about my teaching philosophy here.

Academic Tutoring

In addition to performing, I also run a small company called Pearwise Tutors. We offer instruction in SAT test prep, college essays, AP physics, and more. Visit for more info.


I’m available to teach online and in-person (in the D.C. area). Rates depend on location, area of instruction, and number of sessions.

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